Hack for Sweden is a competition and an unique collaboration between 23 Swedish authorities and organisations. The challenge for the participants in this hackathon is to make the use of open data available by the authorities in new applications or services that may result in new businesses and increased benefits.

The Hack for Sweden award will be given to the team or participant that combines data in a creative way and create the best and most innovative application or service which clearly shows the benefits with the open data delivered by the authorities. Apart from the Hack for Sweden award, there will be other special prizes given in four categories: Best visualisation, Best business value, Best value for the public and Participant’s prize.

The jury consists of Pernilla Rydmark, Joakim Jardenberg, Darja Isaksson and Andreas Sjöström. Project leader is Angela Yong at SMHI.

WHEN: 12th-13th of March 2016

WHERE : Naturvårdsverket, Valhallavägen 195, Stockholm

HOW: Rules and registration can be found at hackforsweden.se (now closed!)

REGISTRATION : Closed by 25th January 2016 – but ask them and perhaps you can be there to observe!

Facebook: facebook.com/hack4sweden Twitter: @hackforsweden

Do you need help, advice and support for your contribution to the hack? Get in touch with us!