Open Data and Political Integrity


Östling A. (2021). Raising awareness about open data in Sweden. Project brief within the project “Open data for civic participation: Sweden, Belarus and Latvia“.


Östling A., Mickiewicz T. and Greco A. (2020). “Open data for political integrity in Sweden: a “non-issue”?“. Research report with policy recommendations. Open Knowledge Sweden.

This 2020-report is about the challenges and opportunities for harnessing open data in five key political integrity areas (public procurement, beneficial ownership, lobbying, conflict of interest/asset disclosure and financing of political parties). Our findings show that Sweden lacks key datasets in these areas critical for a transparent and open government.


A comparative report on “Open Data and Political Integrity in the Nordic Region” was launched by our partner, Transparency International in Latvia.


OKS has contributed to a study carried out by the Transparency International Latvia, in collaboration with Open Knowledge Finland, on Open data and anti-corruption policies in Latvia, Sweden and Finland.