This is the second part out of a four part series reporting on the International Open Data Day Stockholm 2016. Part I.

Open Data Day Stockholm 2016 14

First we were presented to the Global Open Data Index where you can see current state of open data release around the world. Now on this site you can compare between 122 countries. The Local Open Data Index was the next presentation. The municipalities and regions of Sweden are expected to have their relevant data indexed on this platform by crowdsourcing user submissions. One place to start to check  it could be possible to see the data in the charts. If you are planning to move somewhere in Sweden – it will a great source to help you decide which destination better meets your expectations and demand for level of service, transparency and digitsation.

Stay put for the next part of this four part series about International Open Data Day Stockholm 2016.

Open Data Day Stockholm 2016 05

Our blog post with the invitation to the event is published here.
The event on the wiki for was located here

The International Open Data Day in Stockholm 2016 was held on 5th March at the Wikimedia Sweden offices hosted by Open Knowledge Sweden and Wikimedia Sweden.