The e-Patient revolution

Although you may not realize it, you have become part a real open data movement that is becoming the source of growing study and interest: the e-patient revolution! The old model of the passive patient who accepts their doctor’s recommendations is giving way to the new, involved patient who is increasingly educated about their disease […]

Divisions and definitions: Diversity versus Decline in the Open Knowledge Movement

This is simultaneously a reflection on the Open Knowledge Festival in Berlin and the whole “Open” movement. For a person with a sociologically inclined background I like to turn the mirror around at the participants of the event to contrast its disseminated content. Open Knowledge is an extremely diverse movement, and thus has a propensity for […]

Fri Tillgänglighet – OpenAccess

Fri Tillgänglighet (Öppen tillgång, Open Access) är bland det mest fundamentala värderingar som OKFN Sverige strävar efter att uppmärksamma. Vad är det och varför behövs det? Det är en av grundankarna i en större filosofin kring öppenhet som OKFN stödjer. Konceptet kan kokas ned till att vi lättare ska kunna lära oss genom görande, främst […]