Learning about Data Journalism is easy… and free!

What are the fastest ways to learn data journalism? This was a question I was curious about and Mattias mentioned to me that he just heard about Learno.net. It is a MOOC, web courses platform for people and journalists who want to improve their internet research skills and, learn about the techniques of data journalism. […]

J++ Stockholm about the development of data journalism in Sweden

Journalism++ — is a network of companies and individuals who share common passion for data-driven story telling. According to the manifesto, they define journalism as “making interesting what is important” and not the opposite. “We believe that open beats closed. Open source is our default behaviour”, — said in the manifesto. Now J++ consists of […]

Fem skäl till varför journalister bör delta i Hackathon

Många journalister är inte intresserade i programmering, eftersom de oftast har humanistisk bakgrund. Dessutom har journalister ofta inte möjlighet att arbeta direkt med utvecklare och designer. Datajournalisten Natalia Karbasova som jobbar i Hubert Burda Media (Tyskland) förklarar, varför hackathon är bra för journalisters utveckling. För att motivera journalister delta i hackathon – har vi därför en […]

OKFN Sweden Welcomes New Team Members!

OKFN Sweden is pleased to introduce the new members of the team. Welcome Alla Rybina and Per Fredrik! Per Fredrik is an Open Source advocate with international experience of teaching open source usage and benefits to both NGOs and government bodies worldwide. He is inspired by the idea that IT, besides being just technical, is […]