Open Knowledge Foundation Sweden (OKFN) is the newly started local group representing OKFN in Sweden. It is putting focus on Open Data within different sectors of society. Open data is data that can be used, reused and redistributed by anyone freely – at most, only subject to the requirement to attribution and share-alike.

Up until now multiple initiatives have taken place that have led to many successes for Open Data. These have primarily focused on opening data around governmental work. Through this, Sweden has become one of the highest-ranking countries on the Open Data Index. Although this is a very positive attribute, there are still many improvements to be made that can open up for more transparency, innovation, and collaboration throughout the country. Given this background, OKFN Sweden has been formed in order to strive towards making data more understandable and available for the public, creating the conditions for a brighter future.

In October 2013, OKFN gained its first Ambassador, Serdar Temiz, who has formed a core group of volunteers. Together they are planning and opening the official chapter of OKFN Sweden in 2014. “The primary purpose among the volunteers is to approach Open Data with a diverse range of interests, which will allow for a broader array of projects, events and perspectives”, says Mattias Axell, Community Manager of OKFN Sweden.

The initial plans will be to host a Hackathon this spring, and run a School of Data Expedition. In addition to this there will be monthly events, which will be continually announced through the OKFN Sweden blog and social media channels. By using a diverse set of social networks, OKFN will reach out, interact and co-create with a larger crowd.

OKFN Sweden welcomes every individual and organisation who wishes to engage in Open Data. We are looking forward to the interesting year ahead, and are excited for Open Data and Knowledge and its presence within Sweden during 2014.

On behalf of,
OKFN Sweden


Serdar Temiz
OKFN Ambassador

The group consists of:

Mattias Axell
Community Manager
Privacy & Integrity in Open Data
Project Leader of Public Domain Review

Adrian Källgren
Business Developer
Open Innovation
Project Leader OpenSpending Sweden

Max Mohammadhassan Mohammadi
Educational Relations Manager
School of Data
Project Leader School of Data Expedition Sweden

Kristina Olausson
OKFN Blog Writer & Editor
Project Leader Open Government Data Sweden

Fredrik Sjöberg
Hackathon Event Manager
Data Storytelling Projects
Project Leader Open Culture Data Sweden

Serdar Temiz
OKFN Ambassador
Digital Activism, Civic Engagement & Value Creation via Open Data
Project Leader of CKAN Sweden
[email protected]
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