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OKFN Sweden is proud to invite you to a seminar about OpenSpending! We are delighted to announce support from the global OKFN Central Team’s Tryggvi Björgvinsson. Tryggvi, hailing from Iceland, is the Technical Lead for OpenSpending at the OKFN Center and will present on the basis of the project and elaborate on related topics. The seminar will be moderated by Adrian Källgren, the Project Manager of OpenSpending at OKFN Sweden.

Public budgets, expenditure, accounting, and auditing are often not the most interesting or riveting topics. Nevertheless, this does not alter the fact that our government spends money in our name. Money is spent on various “things” and yet, we need to know what these “things” are. Citizens should understand where their money goes, if they hope to ever hold governments accountable and hold any hope in fostering positive changes in their local communities, complex countries, and the interwoven globalized world.

OpenSpending is a community project from OKFN that aims to help citizens and communities understand where their money is being spent and thereby give them a chance of increased influence on its spending. How this is done is through building and using open source tools and datasets to gather and analyse the financial transactions conducted by governments around the world which is opened for public scrutinization.

The aforementioned Tryggvi Björgvinsson, serving as the Technical Lead of OKFN’s OpenSpending and Adrian Källgren, Project Manager of OpenSpending at OKFN Sweden will present the origins of the initiative, how it works, and most importantly: how you can help.

OKFN Sweden and INDEK-KTH welcome all interested people to this event.

RSVP: Please note that we have limited spots. Please sign up here [closed].
Date & Time: Friday, March 14, 2014 from 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM (PDT).
Location: Stockholm, Sweden | Albert Danielsson Seminarierum 643 Sing Sing Building – Industriell ekonomi och organisation KTH

Contact: Serdar Temiz

E-mail: serdar[at]
Twitter:@okfnse / @serdar_temiz