OKFN Sweden is pleased to introduce the new members of the team.

Welcome Alla Rybina and Per Fredrik!

Per Fredrik

Per Fredrik, OKFN Sweden

Per Fredrik is an Open Source advocate with international experience of teaching open source usage and benefits to both NGOs and government bodies worldwide. He is inspired by the idea that IT, besides being just technical, is essential for both social and political spheres. Availability, integrity and usability should be the cornerstones of all digital services. He thinks that many people have the common fear of all technical things, which often leads to misplaced costs, service limitations and outright privacy breaches.

With a background in programming BASIC on Commodore 64 and playing Nintendo 8-bit, his introduction to online presence was by hand coding HTML in the late 90s. Combine that with a university Degree in Communications and journalistic experience you get the communicative, socially oriented IT-person which is Per Fredrik.

Contact Per Fredrik: PerFredrik[at]okfn.se



Alla Rybina, OKFN Sweden Communication Manager

Alla Rybina, OKFN Sweden Communication Manager

Alla Rybina is a Communication Manager of OKFN Sweden.

Alla is a multimedia journalist and a media specialist. She studied journalism and communications and had training at universities in Russia, Holland, Finland, Norway and Sweden.

Alla holds a Master’s Degree (Hons) from Moscow State University, Faculty of Journalism and graduated from the International Master Programme ‘Global Journalism’ at Örebro University (http://www.oru.se/English/Schools/School-of-Humanities-Education-and-Social-Sciences/Education/Global-Journalism1/Global-Journalism-Center-GJC/Global-Journalism/ in Sweden). She is interested in Data Journalism and took the online course “Doing Journalism with Data”.

Since 2007, she has been working as a journalist, editor, blogger, project manager and social media manager in print media, news agency, online media and web radio.

Her area of interests include Data Journalism, CAR, Censor Journalism, Precision Journalism. Also, she is curious about the freedom of the press, freedom of speech and human rights issues.

Contact Alla Rybina: alla[at]okfn.se, tel. +46 700194057