Al Jazeera, together with the platform Canvas organizes an inaugural hackathon entitled “Media in Context” ( Designers, developers, media experts, journalists and people with a passion for social innovation – totally around 90 specialists will gather in Doha (the capital of Qatar) and during three days will brainstorm new ideas in the field of Media technologies.

Organizers offer $50,000 in prizes and awards!

Participants will try to answer the following questions:

– How can we apply the idea of context to media and journalism?

– How do different contexts affect the different phases of media, from production, to distribution, to consumption and interpretation?

Media in Context hackathon will help us tell a better human story, believe organizers.

There are 12 challenges for the participants to work on. A full list of them you can check here (

Open Knowledge Sweden is taking part in this event, so stay tuned with the latest news from the Persian Gulf and learn firsthand about “how it went!” on our website!