open bordersOpen Knowledge Sweden expresses solidarity with the “Refugees Welcome” movement.

In our modern, turbulent world access to the knowledge is power. We believe that information helps to keep a balance of power in the world, enabling freedom to make our own, informed choices.

Access to information is not possible without access to a safer life. Therefore, Open Knowledge Sweden urges other organizations to follow suit and express support for the “Refugees Welcome” initiative.

Openness is the core value of Open Knowledge Sweden and is a critical concept: information must be free for anyone, anywhere. If refugee policy is to be reformed adequately and function correctly, all parties whether governmental, social, or private must enjoy access to information regarding its mechanisms.

We believe it is the right of an individual to have full transparency and open access to information which governs their life and livelihood, and refugee policy has wide ranging social impact.

Representatives of OKFN Sweden are taking part in the rallies “Refugees Welcome” e.g that had been held e.g on Wednesday, 9 September 2015, in Gothenburg and more others.

Openness is one of the pillars Open Knowledge rests on, and it requires both expansion and preservation.

On Behalf of Open Knowledge Sweden:

Alla Rybina, Serdar Temiz, Toni Mickiewicz,