This is the second part out of a four part series reporting on the International Open Data Day Stockholm 2016. Read part I, II and III.

Connected Open Heritage (Kopplat Öppet Kulturarv, KÖK in Swedish) is a project by Wikimedia Sweden. It aims to update and make our cultural heritage data more available on Wikimedia projects. We altogether talked about the possibilities and the potential risks of the project, it was really mind opening experience to listen to all ideas. After this last session of discussing projects we gathered in a circle again to check-out with the question “What do I bring with me from Open Data Day Stockholm?“.

Open Data Day Stockholm 2016 21

Sharing project developments, crowdsourcing learning & perspectives, users’ expert insights, feedback – those were the main activities and they really gave a lot of useful input to the continuation of these projects. And they have already shown to be interesting for participants who want to learn more about open data, learn and engage more in projects!

Open Data Day Stockholm 2016 16

At the end, after some nice talks, cookies and coffees the workshop was over and, I already start to look forward for the next event. Thank you for reading this blog series. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you want us to organize an event in your area – let’s figure something out together!

Our blog post with the invitation to the event is published here.
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The International Open Data Day in Stockholm 2016 was held on 5th March at the Wikimedia Sweden offices hosted by Open Knowledge Sweden and Wikimedia Sweden.