The main reason with the international Open Data day event was to enlighten each other within the framework of open data/governmental data. Hosted by OKSE at the Wikimedia center, this was made by arranging workshops, giving feedback and sharing ideas in different groups. The diverse attendants made information sharing valuable for all parts (people from municipalities, OKSE and Wikimedia among others attended).


The Global Open Data Index (GODI) is an annual effort to measure the state of open data government around the world. The index comes with the unique benefits of showing results from a citizen’s perspective, easing the reliance on government claims of openness. The datasets offer a comprehensive insight into government performance and function, in order to be improved and compared with other countries.

A more recent index called the Local Open Data Index (LODI) shares the principles of the GODI system, however it focuses on the state of openness in cities and municipalities. The great benefit of LODI is the potential of actually identifying the needs of the local population, informing on everything relevant for a family thinking about moving to a certain place, creating competition between municipalities/cities by providing rankings in openness and raising general awareness in order to erase the reliance on rumors.

Asmen Gül