Stockholm, 2016/09/08 – Open Knowledge Sweden is pleased to announce its latest project, the Open Knowledge Awards: Open knowledge is knowledge, often in the form of data, available for everyone to freely use, reuse and redistribute without any sorts of restrictions. Open Knowledge Sweden envisions enlightened societies where everyone has access to key information in order to make daily or life changing choices with the help of relevant information, where authorities, institutions, businesses and other entities are fully transparent and at the same time, using open knowledge to increase innovation and efficiency on finding solutions. Open Knowledge should be a mainstream concept and a natural part of our everyday lives.

The Open Knowledge Awards will help raise awareness on how society, including authorities, businesses, organizations and other entities can benefit from open knowledge. OK Awards covers categories such as transparency, entrepreneurship, open science, region/municipality and business initiative. Each award will put a quality mark and recognize the work of organizations, companies and authorities towards transparency and open knowledge.

The award winners will set an example of how businesses and organizations have best used open knowledge for innovative solutions, how authorities have been more transparent with the use of open knowledge and how public figures have used their influence for change in that direction, both cultural and legal.

Open Knowledge Sweden is partnering with KTH’s Industrial Marketing and Entrepreneurship Division. Serdar Temiz, chairman of Open Knowledge Sweden and member of the jury said:

“We believe that OK Awards will provide change agents to get recognition for their effort on opening knowledge in order to foster innovation as well as to enable transparent, accountable democracy. It will also raise the bar for all open knowledge stakeholders in Sweden.”

The winners will be determined by an expert jury and the ceremony takes place at The Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm (Valhallavägen).

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Contact person: Asmen Gül, Project leader
E-mail: asmen[at]okfn[dot]se
Phone: 0739753018

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