Open Knowledge Awards 2018

Nominations for Open Knowledge Awards for 2018 is Open!

This year, in order to have better judgement of year 2019, Open Knowledge Awards for 2018 will be held on February 27th, 2019.

You are welcome to nominate an individual, group, or organization for each category from now on. The schedule of the nomination process as below:

Public Nomination: 22 December 2018-28 January 2019

Nominations Announcement: February 1, 2019

Finalist Announcement:  February 15

Price Ceremony: February 27, 2019

Open knowledge Sweden is aiming to create a tradition to acknowledge people and organizations to foster better, open, democratic, inclusive and innovative society. Open Knowledge should be a mainstream concept and a natural part of our everyday lives. OK Awards covers categories such as transparency, entrepreneurship, open science, region/municipality and business initiative. The award winners will set an example of how businesses and organizations have best used open knowledge for innovative solutions, how authorities have been more transparent with the use of open knowledge and how public figures have used their influence for change in that direction, both cultural and legal.

Open Knowledge Sweden has held previous OK Awards in collaboration with KTH, Wikimedia, and Dataföreningen. This year, we expect to have more nominations and guests at our event with support from the Open Knowledge Community. As OK Sweden, we believe that OKA is providing recognition to change makers that push for innovation as well as transparent and accountable democracy. It also raises the bar every year for all open knowledge stakeholders in Sweden.

To nominate entities/people and for more information about the OK Awards for 2018 event:

Visit our website

You can read more about the previous year’s winners here

Feel free to contact us regarding press, sponsorship or volunteer contribution

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